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Wildlife Market

This photo shows why I don't have any animal photos from China. There isn't much left that hasn't been killed for eating or for use in traditional medicines. This photo was taken on the street in Kunming and this was only one of many groups selling wildlife parts. I believe that the people selling are ethnic Tibetans who are the major traders of wildlife in China.


This is an unidentified eagle being kept as a "pet" in a restaurant in Vietnam. The amount of wildlife being sold there was, like China, enormous.

Marabu Stork

This is a Marabou Stork that was kept tied up by a fish-farmer on Tonle Lake in Cambodia near Ankor. These storks are scavengers and I think they are probably the worlds ugliest birds.


This dolphin was one of a school that rode the bow of a ferry I was riding on in Indonesia between Maluku Islands and Sulawesi. I think it is a spinner dolphin, but I am not sure. There were also pilot whales nearby.

Black Macaque

This is a Black Macaque in Tankoko National Park in Sulawesi, Indonesia.


This is a Tanager just coming out of his nest tree for a night of foraging after sleeping all day. These are the worlds smallest primates.


This is other shots of the same Tanager.

Fruit Bats

These are fruit bats that were roosting in the trees of a small village near Bantimurung National Park in Sulawesi. I went to see them with a British biologist I had met earlier on the ferry I took to Sulawesi. She estimated that there were about 10,000 bats in the trees. Despite the constant shrieking and rain of bat dung the villagers considered having the bats around was very auspicious.

Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon on the island of Rinca in Indonesia. These are the worlds largest reptiles and can grow up to 3 meters (12 feet) long. This one was about 2 meters long.

Komodo Dragon

Another Komodo Dragon. These animals are a kind of monitor lizard.

These macaques hang out in the appropriately named Monkey Forest near Ubud on the island of Bali. They are notorious for stealing anything they can get their hands on from unsuspecting tourists.


This unidentified lizard was well camouflaged scurrying through the forest floor on Samui Island in Thailand.

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